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Learn to program and get a well paying job

without having to resign from your current job or have any experience in the field

Learn to program and get a well paying job

without having to resign from your current job or have any experience in the field

Learn to program and get a well paying job

without having to resign from your current job or have any experience in the field

It’s easier than you think

Our proprietary learning system helps you become a programmer without prior experience or having to train for several years.

• We teach you to think “in code,” just like a programmer
• We show you how to create your own applications
• We help you create a resume that will bring you job interviews

Our fast-track course shows you how to get a well-paying job as a programmer and create real applications!

Wellcode Learn
Petru Wellcode

About Petru

Wellcode founder, Petru Trimbitas has helped people reshape themselves to become programmers that excel in the workplace. He specializes in creating effective course strategy that allows you to learn while you have a full time job.

Petru will show you how to become a well-paid programmer in only a few short months. No wasting time on sifting through the millions of complex online courses and lengthy degree programs – of which often fail to build your portfolio and place you in a real programming job.

Petru’s methods have successfully placed hundreds of coding candidates and have been validated by leading industry experts.

What does the process look like?

Wellcode Consultation

1. Start the free consultation session

Go through our application form. By completing it, it give us some information about your current situation so we know how we can best help you.

Wellcode Consultation Call

2. A member of our team will call you for a short interview

We will ask you a few questions about what you are wanting to accomplish and what obstacles are preventing you from achieving your career goals.

Wellcode Consultation Call

3. We plan next steps together

We will set an appointment together for a 45-minute consulting session. In our call we will create a personalized, step-by-step plan, specific to your individual learning track.


Can I learn to code while working full time?

The answer is YES. Most of our students balance work and family, and complete our program in six months. Some set aside 2-3 hours each day, while others power through on the weekends. Your dreams are within your reach and we’re here to support you.

Is it all online?

Yes. We built a proprietary learning platform leveraging our experience as teachers and coaches. See it for yourself in our free course.

How long is the course?

The free course takes two weeks to one month to complete. Our customized career training and mentorship program takes five to six months to complete at 15-20 hours per week.

Is this right for me?

The best answer to this question is, try it out and see! Our free course typically only takes two weeks to complete. It will provide an intro to coding and help you test our learning methodology. 

Will I earn a certificate?

Every student who graduates from our mentorship program will receive a certificate. However, the portfolio piece is of infinitely higher value to future employers as a showcase of your coding skills.

Will you help me find a job?

After you complete the mentorship program, we remain available to you as you search for a job for as long as you need us. We provide support including help with your resume, interview practice, and more for as long as you need us.

What niche should I choose?

We can help you sort through the types of technology careers and explain what the day-to-day job looks like to help you decide.

Happy Coders (Customers)

Wellcode Testimonial
“Wellcode helped me get past the technical part of the interview and land the job!”
– Calin Tasca
Wellcode Testimonial
“I am super excited. I received an offer for a Junior Software Developer position at a large company thanks to Wellcode.”
– Nichita Domide
Wellcode Testimonial
“In 3 months of mentoring I learned advanced programming and managed to solve some really complex problems!”
– Alexander Adascalitei

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