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Where does your path lead?

The choices you make right now can greatly influence your career. Think about the next 2 scenarios.


Tim sees all those people with cool cars and geeky t-shirts and decides he wants to land a job as a software engineer.

Tim finds Website A offering online coding tutorials. The content is easy to understand and the exercises look pretty straight forward, so he finishes the whole course in a few weeks. After going through all the content, he follows the instructions on the platform to build a mobile app for managing your todo’s.

Tim graduates and wants to start building an Android app of his own where users can see in real time where their bus is, but realizes he has a hard time figuring out the steps on his own and does not even know where to begin.

Tim starts reading through many tutorials but has a hard time connecting the bits and pieces of information together to start the app.


Tom is Tim’s best friend and they decide to start learning at the same time.

He has an older brother who's a software engineer and he asks for resources. Soon enough he starts learning to code on Wellcode.

Tom finds the lessons easy to understand and he is amazed to see how the concepts are used in real apps. At each step he has to figure out how to solve a problem that combines what he’s learned so far, which is difficult at first, but starts asking around and manages to find the right solution everytime. While Tim has finished going through all content on Website A, Tom is still working on the problems on Wellcode.

After a few more weeks, Tom finishes the course and finds out about the app Tim is trying to build. He starts searching for resources to learn Java online and after a week of studying they both start working on BusTracker.

He guides Tim towards the right resources to learn from and in only 3 months they have an app that approximates the location of each bus at any moment using the bus schedule that’s publicly available. Tom can now start to find investors and talk to the transportation authority to make their app more valuable for people.

How it works

You train your mind to learn more and more complex things

Step by step
  • You need no coding experience to start.
  • Whenever you're learning something new, we'll match it with a scenario you're familiar with where the same concept applies.
  • As you'll advance through the content, you'll find yourself able to solve more complex problems.
  • You get lots of quizzes to test yourself.
  • You get feedback on your solutions to coding challenges right away.
  • Many problems are solved through discussions with peers and you can interract with more experienced people in messages & comments.
Strong community
  • When you can't figure out the solution, you can leave a comment and discuss the problem with your peers.
  • It's been proven that explaining concepts to another person greatly increases your knowledge of the subject.
  • Having friends around makes it more fun.


We have launched in Romania and have almost 30 000 users there. Below are some of their thoughts.

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